WRTV Interviews Velpo Robertson and Bobby Rico Antonelli about Tribute Album

RICHMOND, Va. — Three years after Richmond singer-songwriter Robbin Thompson’s passing, the void still hurts. The roots of musicians Velpo Robertson and Bobby Rico Antonelli run deep with the Robbin Thompson Band.

“It was a really important time in our lives musically, creatively,” said Antonelli. “He was the cement that kept us together.”

The group entertained a generation of music lovers across RVA.

“We got the band together in 1978,” recalled Antonelli.

The guitarist and drummer say their high energy lead singer was supremely talented.

“I think people in our age group lost a huge figure locally,” said Robertson.

Robbin worked with the likes of Melissa Manchester and Bruce Hornsby. Thompson even joined Bruce Springsteen in the band “Steel Mill” in 1970.

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